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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

With nothing better to do cranky woman calls cops on kids for lemonade stand they set up

Cranky woman calls cops on kids’ lemonade stand

Stock image of a young boy operating a lemonade stand

Oshawa family's fundraiser for children's hospital runs afoul of the neighbourhood grouch

It takes a lot of dedication to keep one’s neighbourhood from slipping into crime and disrepair. If you ignore a broken window today, you’ll have a broken system tomorrow.
It was probably in this spirit that a “cranky, unidentified woman” in Oshawa, Ont., called 911 on neighbourhood kids running a lemonade stand for charity on Canada Day. This is where she chose to make her stand against society’s slide into immorality, apparently.
According to the Toronto Sun, nine-year-old Corbin Potter and his sisters have been holding Canada Day fundraisers for a children’s hospital for the past three years. Some family members have received treatment at the hospital in the past, so the kids thought they could get away with running an illegal lemonade stand in their neighbourhood.
That’s when the neighbour stepped in restore law and order — or rather, to be a cartoon villain for the day.
She approached Corbin early in the day and scolded the boy for shouting at passers-by, trying to drum up business. She also told him he couldn’t operate the stand, according to the mother.
When the boy came back later in the day with an uncle, the neighbour tried to end the fundraiser by offering the kid $5 to take the stand down.
“He told her that he didn’t want her money, that he wanted to keep doing his thing for SickKids,” mother Dawn Potter told the Sun.
That’s when the police got involved. A Durham Regional Police officer arrived on the scene, apparently called by the neighbour, and asked the kids to take down the stand. The family was told the fundraiser was distracting and “that we didn’t have a vendor’s permit,” said the mother.
But instead of dismantling the lemonade stand, the family defied orders and kept their fundraiser going. In total, they raised $135.
A spokesperson for police denies that cops told the kids to pack up.
“We don’t shut down lemonade stands,” she said, probably wishing she had more serious crimes to deal with.
This posting written by  Ishmael N. Daro
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