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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Man shot dead near High Park In Yet Again At Another Toronto Community Housing Project

TORONTO - Debbie Kovaci was horrified when her seven-year-
old son came home in tears, crying he had just seen a man shot and 
killed outside their public housing apartment.
The boy was playing with friends outside the Toronto Community 
Housing Swansea Mews complex — near Windermere Ave. and 
The Queensway — when he heard a gunshot ring out around 6 
p.m. Monday. Alone, he rode his scooter towards the commotion 
and saw a 26-year-old man bleeding from his torso.
“He said he saw the guy take off running, and he was dressed in all 
black,” said Kovaci, 43. “He was wearing a black hood and gloves, 
but he couldn’t see the face.”
The victim, identified Tuesday as Christopher Kotsopoulos, of 
Toronto, was taken to St. Michael’s Hospital without vital signs 
and was later pronounced dead.
Anxious neighbours living near Swansea Mews at 21 Windermere 
Ave. nervously watched as armed Emergency Task Force officers 
and police dogs combed their street.
Toronto Police investigators did not have a suspect description 
they could release to the public.
“Police responded to 118 Swansea Mews in regard to an assault in 
progress,” said Insp. Tim Crone. “When they arrived on the scene, 
a shot was fired and the victim was located by EMS. We’re 
beginning to piece together what transpired.”
Sara Goldvine, of TCHC, said the housing authority “will work 
closely with Toronto Police Service to assist them with the 
investigation.” This isn’t the first time gun violence has plagued the 
troubled subsidized housing complex.
In September 2010, when two assailants approached a 28-year-old 
man as he was walking in the area and let loose a barrage of 
The victim somehow managed to escape serious injury.
“I don’t feel safe,” said Iryna Wang, 47, who has lived in the 
public housing complex for seven years with her two children.
“We need police or security guards to stay 24 hours. It’s a big 
mistake putting 154 units together. Housing has to be small, 
otherwise these things happen.” Kovaci said he moved from 
another TCHC complex on The East Mall in December because 
she thought it would be safer for her family.
With this incident, she is considering relocating again.
“As far as I’m concerned, the cops are not doing enough,” she 
“My son was scared. I will not go outside at night time.”
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