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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photo of young girl drinking Heineken on Instagram has cops investigating

Photo shows young Brevard child drinking from beer bottle

 photo of a young girl drinking from from a Heineken beer bottle led deputies to conduct an underage drinking investigation on Monday in Brevard County.
The photo was posted Sunday on Instagram by someone using the Davinci Tattoo and Piercing account on the social media website.
The caption of the photo read:
"German beer is goooudd! Haha already likes expensive bottles!"
Davinci Tattoo is a parlor located on South U.S. Highway 1, in unincorporated Titusville.
The Brevard County Sheriff's Office investigated the picture Monday afternoon after it was sent to them. They then tracked down the parents and the child.
Lt. Mike Scully said the girl's parents told investigators that their daughter was only drinking water from the Heineken beer bottle.
We briefly spoke to the parents inside the tattoo parlor Monday evening. The parents said it was meant to be a joke but they know it was not funny. They also said their daughter was only drinking water.
Meanwhile, investigators said although it appears that something is inside the bottle, without any evidence to disprove the parents claim, they will not be pressing any charges.
The investigation was referred to the Florida Department of Children and Families. A DCF spokesperson said the agency will not be investigating the case because it does not meet their criteria of an abuse report.
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