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Sunday, August 25, 2013

RCMP trying to dump RCMP woman because of harassment complaints

B.C. Mountie says RCMP seeking to dismiss her

Cpl. Catherine Galliford says she faced constant sexual advances from several senior officers

A Mountie whose harassment complaints against the RCMP prompted legislation to modernize so-called bad apples within the force says her employer is moving to dismiss her.
Cpl. Catherine Galliford says she received a letter saying the RCMP is seeking to discharge her because she's unable to do her job.
Galliford, who has filed a civil lawsuit against the RCMP alleging years of bullying and sexual abuse, has been on sick leave since 2006.
On Saturday, Galliford told CBC News she considered the letter "a blessing."
"My problem with the RCMP is that I am too sick to seek future employment at this time," Galliford said. "And that's why I look at the situation and I think, maybe if I separated myself from the RCMP that I can perhaps move forward. So that's why I consider the letter somewhat of a blessing for me."
The Mountie who was a spokeswoman for investigations like the Robert Pickton and the Air India bombings cases said the dismissal process will involve a medical board hearing.
Galliford said Mounties who have also alleged harassment against the force have received similar intent-to-discharge letters and she worried other officers on sick leave may feel pressured to go back to work too soon.
The RCMP was not immediately available for comment, but in a statement of defence filed a year ago the force denied Galliford's allegations of sexual harassment and bullying spanning nearly two decades.
Those allegations have not been tested in court.
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