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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Russian kills official, says he aimed at a bird

A Russian man who has been detained on suspicion of having killed an official in central Russia says he had aimed at a crow, Russia's investigative committee said Sunday. 

The head of a village administration in the Kaluga Region was fatally shot on Tuesday morning while on the way to her office on a scooter. "A clap sounded, and after that the scooter fell together with the woman," the statement said. 

"The gunshot wound on the victim's body was lethal," investigators said. 

The suspect, 42, a former convict, said he was shooting at a crow but when he saw that the woman fell down, he got frightened and fled the accident scene. 

The man was detained shortly after by police. If found guilty of killing the woman, the suspect, who has already served 21 years in jail, faces another 15 years behind bars.

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