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Monday, August 05, 2013

San Francisco On Red Alert; Pakistani Capital On Red Alert, What The Hell Is Going On?

The Department of Homeland Security is beefing up its presence at airports, train stations and other travel hubs in the United States in the wake of global travel warning imposed on all U.S. citizens.

Local authorities are not going into specifics but the San Francisco Police Department does acknowledge receiving a bulletin by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DHS. The SFPD says their officers are monitoring various areas of the city and will determine if additional resources are necessary.

Dont forget, TPTB love to reveal what they are going to do…

According to sources, PAF, Pakistan Navy, and Islamabad police commandoes Sunday mounted a joint search operation in Margallah Hills
Several embassies from several countries in Europe and America throughout the middle east are closed until Saturday.  What the heck is going on?  Think about this, if this was some kind of stage for a false flag attack, why all the hoopla?  Why not just do it?  Make sense right?   ‘Shack and awe’ as they like to call it.  So what is this crap all about.  Makes no sense in conspiracy terms.  From a sheeple point of view, there seems to be a credible threat from yemen of an Al-Qaeda attack on something somewhere, lol.  Things are confusing so keep an eye on the news.  something could indeed happen, not cause they say it will or might but because this is too damn bizarre.  -Mort
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