Anna Nicole Smith, the former Playboy Playmate of the year, was one of the most famous models in the world. Anna worked her way from the bottom, pretty much straight to the top. The first year of Playboy, in Guess Jeans she made $22,000,000. She loved being in front of the camera. She loved the attention. She was an American icon, a sex goddess with an insatiable dark appetite. She came to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to buy a luxury yacht.
It was one of the few times she ventured away from home in the Bahamas since her 20-year-old son Daniel died five months earlier. Going to Florida to buy the boat was the big deal for her. Another way to maybe move forward a little bit to find a little bit of happiness. Anna Nicole planned on keeping the trip short. She was anxious to return home to her newborn daughter Dannielynn, but that plan had quickly fallen apart. For the past two days, she’d been too sick to leave her luxury suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. With Anna Nicole in Florida was her bodyguard, Big Moe. She couldn’t eat. She was sweaty, very clammy.
Staying with Anna Nicole in the Hard Rock’s luxurious Apollo suite was Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and her lawyer and close companion, Howard Stern. Big Moe’s wife Tasma, a nurse, was also in Florida. She told her husband: “Take her to the hospital. If someone’s spiking a temp of 105°, something is wrong.” But Anna Nicole had no intention of going to the hospital. Every time she’d gone to the hospital, press, had been media frenzy. She didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to have the cameras all in her face.
Antibiotics and flu medications had brought Anna Nicole’s temperatures back to normal, but she was still very tired. On top of that, she had an intestinal infection. The combination was making her unsteady on her feet. The former Playboy Playmate was far from okay. For the past five months, she’d been taking a potent and unpredictable mix ofprescription drugs; antidepressants, valium and sleep medication.
There were times where she felt the she should take a little more, in which those that were there, Howard and Dr. Eroshevich, would take it away from her and hide medications from her. She was a woman in pain, not only physical pain, but mental pain. She had a photo of Daniel that she would hug at night and just cried herself to sleep. Barely 39, Anna Nicole Smith was a shadow of the voluptuous blond who 15 years early was the picture of health and sitting on top of the world.
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