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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Two 'good kids' killed In Toronto Community Housing Project

TORONTO SUN - The bloodied body 
of one teen sprawled out 
beside a neighbourhood flower bed 
and another slumped 
lifelessly outside the bullet-riddled 
door of his own rental 
unit is an image that haunts Millicent 
Nicholson was one of the first 
residents on scene Friday 
following the fatal midday shooting of Kwame Duodu, 15, 
and O’She Doyles-Whyte, 16, at the Yorkwoods Village 
housing complex at Grandravine Dr. and Driftwood Ave. “I 
heard, pop, pop, pop ... I leaned out and heard someone 
crying, ‘Call 911! Call 911!,’” said Nicholson, who resides a 
few doors down from unit 262 of 287 Grandravine Dr. where 
she said Duodu lived with his mother and siblings.
Duodu and Doyles-Whyte, who Nicholson and other 
residents described Saturday as “good kids,” were gunned 
down around 1:30 p.m. Both were shot multiple times right 
outside the unit.
The are only scant descriptions of the three men seen 
leaving the scene on bicylces, Toronto Police said.
Doyles-Whyte was pronounced dead at the scene; Duodu 
died later in hospital.
“It worries me because I have my (own) son, too,” said neighbour Anna Roberts, who, after the police tape came down, scrubbed dried blood off the pavement. “They were very good kids. They weren’t into dangerous stuff, just playing video games and riding bikes.”
It was just last week Nishan Hermiz, 10, shot hoops with 
Duodu on one of the complex’s basketball courts.
“Since I was six, he use to ask me if I wanted to play, so we 
played basketball together,” said Hermiz as his father 
Earlier, an inconsolable woman identified as Doyles-Whyte’s 
mother came with a small group to say a prayer at the 
murder scene. She declined to speak with reporters.
As police canvassed the area, Toronto Community Housing 
Corporation boss Gene Jones spoke with residents. Jones 
said in a statement Friday he was “angered and saddened” 
by the shooting, as well as by similar killings of teens in the 
city over the past year.
Alicia Bartholomew, 33, said Duodu had wrapped up a 
government-sponsored job at a boys and girls club, and that 
both teens were in high school. “They were the last kids 
you’d think would get caught up in this,” said Bartholomew. 
“We’re a community all together. We known who is who, so 
is not anybody from this community who did this.”
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