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Friday, August 02, 2013

Who will win the Poverty In 5That Will Challenge Our Perceptions of Poverty

There was a contest earlier this year for someone to make the best short documentary,

This year's contest is now closed.

We are no longer accepting submissions 


Watch the finalists here.

I Am Excessive Wealth

Adam Corrigan Holowitz

I am Excessive Wealth takes a satirical look at wealth distribution trends in Ontario. The film’s main character, Excessive Wealth, tries to convince the world to keep the poor “locked in their station” with suggestions like trying to be born poor, stripping unions of power, and cutting social services.


Make It a Priority

Doug MacDonald

Against a simple backdrop of stats and facts, Grade 6 students explore why poverty exists. Through impassioned “rants,” the students contrast the Western world’s ease of access to the necessities of life to children around the world who struggle every day to get food, education, water and healthcare.


Poor Ink

Vince Vaitiekunas

Exploring “where” poverty takes hold, "Poor Ink" takes viewers to a tattoo shop at the corner of Queen and Sherbourne in downtown Toronto and introduces three individuals who share the physical and emotional impact of poverty on their lives.


Food for Thought

Luis Cornejo

Filmed in two very different kitchens and focusing largely on images of food, Food for Thought is a visually rich and creative take on the socio-economic divide, comparing the meals prepared by a wealthy couple and a poor family.


4 Kids

Craig Conoley

Mixing poetry, performance and documentary, 4 Kids examines poverty through the prose of Just Jamaal, a slam poet and hip hop artist from Ottawa. As an early childhood educator, night-shift caretaker, part-time artist and father of four, Jamaal is a testament to the pride that can exist despite one’s circumstances and the power of art to liberate oneself from those circumstances.
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