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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Street Party Calling For $14 Minimum Wage In Toronto

Street parties publicize call for $14 minimum wage — just enough to break poverty line

Workers’ groups plan to stage events on the 14th of every month until next spring's provincial budget.

A minimum wage worker 

should not be forced to live in poverty, 

said Lena Evlova, who is self-employed: "There is an argument 

that if you increase the minimum wage, you will increase spending 

and you will improve the economy." Horvath, Kasmalee and 

Evlova are among scores of Jane-Finch community residents who 

signed postcards Saturday asking Premier Kathleen Wynne to raise 

the minimum wage to $14 an hour.

The "street party" for a $14 minimum wage outside the Jane-Finch 

Mall, and a similar demonstration next to the Dufferin Mall in 

Toronto's west end, are part of a province-wide campaign by anti-

poverty groups pushing for a higher minimum wage.

University of Toronto business professor Anil Verma, who chairs 

the provincial minimum wage panel, has said members will also 

look at factors such as economic growth and job productivity.

The campaign to raise the minimum wage is sponsored by a 

coalition of groups, including Ontario Campaign 2000, Parkdale 

Community Legal Services, Put Food in the Budget, Social 

Planning Toronto, Toronto and York Region Labour Council and 

the Workers' Action Centre.

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