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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hurricane Ingrid, Tropical Storm Manuel drench Mexico, killing 17 So Far

MEXICO CITY Hurricane 

Ingrid and Tropical Storm 


brought heavy rains to Mexico's 

Gulf and Pacific coasts on 

Sunday,  causing flooding and 

landslides that killed 17 people 

and forced  some towns to cancel national Independence Day 


In Guerrero state on Mexico's Pacific coast, 11 people died in 

landslides and as buildings collapsed because of heavy rain on 

Saturday and Sunday.

On the Gulf coast, Hurricane Ingrid, a Category 1 storm with 

sustained winds of 120 km/h, was drenching Tamaulipas and 

Veracruz states on Sunday, sending more than 6,000 people into 

emergency shelters.
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