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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Karen Stintz Fighting City On Suggested 10 Cent Hike On Transit In Toronto

TTC chair fights city’s suggested 10-cent fare hike!

Karen Stintz says the TTC is looking for a bigger operating subsidy 

and she won't contemplate an increase of more than 5 cents.

"I will not ask the TTC board to 

pass a budget with a fare 

increase  above the rate of inflation and no increase to the TTC's 


she said in a memo on Friday.

The TTC has done its part to help the city balance its budget and 

now it's time for the city to help the TTC and its riders," she said.

In her memo, Stintz refers to a January council directing 

Pennachetti and the TTC CEO to "achieve a cost-revenue ratio 

more in keeping with the historic pattern of 68 per cent coming 

from the fare box and 32 per cent coming from the city and 

provincial contributions."

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