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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Man shoots neighbor for 'telepathically raping' his wife

Lou Colagiovanni
The Examiner

Centerville, Utah resident Meloney Selleneit, 55, plead guilty to charges in connection with ordering her husband, Michael Selleneit, 55, to shoot their next door neighbor for 'telepathically raping' her. 

Tony Pierce, the Selleneit's neighbor, was gardening in his backyard when he was attacked, unprovoked, by Michael Salleneit who shot Pierce in the back twice with a handgun. After shooting Pierce, witnesses say, Selleneit calmly walked back to his trailer. Pierce was able to receive medical attention and lived through the attack. 

Michael Selleneit believed Pierce had been 'telepathically raping' his wife for years, and was using crack cocaine to control her mind. The couple discussed the shooting before it happened, and the arrest warrant states Meloney Selleneit told her husband to, "go for it." She also stated to police she was 'unsure' if her husband would actually go through with the attack, but did not believe he would have without her encouragement. 

The shooting originally took place Nov 10, 2011, and for nearly two years Meloney Selleneit has been in a state mental hospital receiving care for various mental illnesses including schizophrenia. She had been previously found unfit to stand trial but the presiding judge, Thomas Kay, reversed his decision in Aug. 2013. Meloney Selleneit plead guilty Sept. 19, 2013 to illegally possessing a weapon, and criminal solicitation. 

In Jan. 2012 Michael Selleneit plead guilty to attempted manslaughter and illegally owning a weapon. He was sentenced to two consecutive one-to-fifteen year prison sentences. He had been previously arrested in 1990 for sexual contact with a childaccording to

Meloney Selleneit is current being held in Utah state custody. According to sltrib.comshe will be sentenced on Oct. 31.
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