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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Latest On Tarek and John In Egypt

Three consular officials had a 45 minute visit with John and Tarek today and found them in good spirits, although tired from lack of food after three days. They are drinking water and juice. Messages from family were passed on.

We also learned a bit more about their accommodations. There is actually a shower and a bathroom attached to the new cell and they are being let out for exercise more regularly. This is an enormous improvement over their previous situation. 

The lawyers have lodged an appeal of the extension of the detention order, and laid a separate complaint about their continued incarceration with the Egyptian Human Rights organization. They have also requested regular twice a week visits. Up until now each visit has required a special permit.

Back on this side of the Atlantic support continues to build.

The US National Education Association put a link to the Labourstart petition in its e action alert.

John and Tarek featured in Jian Ghomeshi Q Essay this morning.

And not to be outdone by the Toronto Star, the Globe called on the PM to personally intervene.

Thursday night (September 19) there will be a LICK IN for Tarek and John at 7:00 PM, Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Avenue) organized by John's colleagues and students at York. Bring your own stamps (to lick) and organizers will provide post cards to send to the Egyptian embassy and the Prime Minister.

There was also lots of continuing media coverage:

TORONTO STAR (Sept. 17) "Tarek Loubani and John Greyson begin hunger strike in Egyptian jail"
LA PRESSE (Sept. 18) "Canadiens detenus en Egypte, les appels a la liberation se multiplient"
CBC RADIO: Q with JIAN GOMESHI (Sept. 18) Opening remarks
NEW INDIA (Sept. 18) "Canada urged to cut arms deals, do more to free John Greyson and Tarek Loubani"
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (Sept. 18) "Canadian filmmaker John Greyson starts hunger strike in Egyptian prison"
DAILY NEWS EGYPT (Sept. 17) "Detained Canadians begin hunger strike"
CANADIAN ART (Sept. 16) "A month into detention, John Greyson begins hunger strike"
GLOBAL NEWS (Sept. 16) "Canadians detained in Egypt begin hunger strike"
GLOBE AND MAIL (Sept. 16) "Canadians detained in Egypt as PM pressed to intervene"
CBC Metro Morning (Sept. 17) Interview with Cecilia Greyson

Today Cecilia did interviews with Agence France Presse, the Guardian (UK), the Times (UK), Radio Canada TV & Hamilton local radio. We hope to have those links by tomorrow.
Finally, London doctors are planning a rally in London Ontario to coincide with Montreal rally onTuesday Sept 24 at 1pm. We are holding off rallies in other cities for the time being to see if we need to broaden our targeting.

For ongoing updates:
Don't forget our petition and the LabourStart
Thanks for your continuing help and concern.
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