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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Toronto Man Arrested For Human trafficking in Burlington Ontario

TORONTO SUN - A Toronto man is under arrest for assault after a 
woman managed to call police from a motel on Friday.
“There had been an altercation that caused the assault,” acting 
Det.-Sgt. Brad Murray of Halton Regional Police said.
The man is also accused of fiancially benefitting from forcing the 
same woman into prostitution, police said.
Police were alerted to the situation when the female “left the room 
where he was, to seek help,” Murray said.
She believed he was her boyfriend, he said, adding it was not a 
hostage situation but related to “power and control.”
Later the investigation revealed she had been prostituted by the 
man since May.
“We arrested him immediately,” Murray said, adding the accused is 
not known to Halton police and did not resist arrest.
The unidentified victim sustained “minor injuries” to her face and 
has since received medical care, police said.
Murray said he “wouldn’t say it’s a growing problem but it’s 
definitely a crime trend” in Burlington.
Brandon Curtis Henry, 28, is charged with human trafficking and 
two counts of assault.
He also faces charges related to prostitution and exploitation.
He was scheduled for a bail hearing in Hamilton court on Saturday.
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