'How much you want to shut up?'

[Image: Afghan girl Taran Akbari screams in the aftermath of an explosion]
It seems pretty twisted to me that there are those out there who think people can be 'compensated' for the loss of loved ones. Look at the countries the U.S. government crime syndicate has attacked.

Even IF this poser government were to offer compensation and a 'letter of apology' to all the families of the people they've murdered via drones, for example, would that be sufficient? Is that what we call justice? Does that 'compensate' for the brutal, senseless, needless coldblooded, systematic taking of a life, of so many lives? Does it wash away the knowledge that children have been murdered? Does that render 'absolution'? Does the wrongdoing somehow get purged from both the record and the memory of the survivors?

What constitutes 'compensation'? Money? Money that, in many cases, is barely worth the paper it's printed on? Seems to me if this is the best they can do, (and they're not even doing that in any real way for most of these countries being attacked in the fake 'war on terror'), then their 'best' will never be enough, not even remotely enough.

Not that they ever intend to 'compensate' other nations for trying to wipe out their people, or for stealing their lands and resources, or for assassinating their leaders - no, that I don't buy for a second. How do you invade a country, mercilessly, unrelentingly attack them, and then come back later and expect good will?

What could you possibly even say? "Hey, we kicked your sorry, defenseless asses, we washed your streets with the blood of your people, but that's blood under the bridge. We're the 'good guys'. We'll rebuild and 'peacekeep' and you can call us 'friend'. The world is a safer place because of 'shock and awe'." Yeah, RIGHT!

But to call for 'compensation' for the survivors of these horrific attacks, when no sincere remorse or admission of wrongdoing is being offered, when no accountability is being taken, when no back-room high level heads are rolling, when the perps are still free to continue killing with impunity, then what does any potential after-the-fact 'compensation' to the survivors really even mean? It's not like anyone's really 'apologizing' anyway. When it comes down to it, what it really is, is 'blood-money' aka an attempt at blackmail. 'Here take this money and shut up'.

And frankly, it's hard to imagine how I'd react if I were Afghani, Iraqi, Pakistani, Yemeni, Libyan, or Palestinian, etc.. after seeing my friends and family murdered, neighborhood and town decimated, economy obliterated, leader assassinated, government overthrown and seized, I guess I'm not a big enough person, because if all that happened to me, and then down the road, I got some bullshit insincere 'apology' or an offer of Monopoly money as 'compensation', somebody would be wearing some saliva on their face, to say the least. I suspect that kind of 'grace' I don't possess lives in other humans, and I admire those people for being able to rise above their suffering and take that higher road.

But me, I'd probably be pissed.

'Compensation' means nothing. It's an empty gesture arising from an empty word, too little, too late. We may tell ourselves it means something, but that's a self-soothing lie.

Tell me,what does an offer of 'compensation' mean exactly to the people of Afghanistan or Iraq after all these years of post-9/11 'shock and awe'-death-and-destruction?

What the hell could it even mean as Afghanis and Iraqis gaze upon the rubble and ruins of their countries, and remember what life used to be like, before they became bulls-eye nations and icons of terror in the eyes of the world, before they lost the lives they once knew and the loved ones they once cherished?

How do you compensate a people for the irreversible damage and harm that's been done to them, or put a measurement, a value, upon their suffering and what's been ripped from them forever? What kind of arrogant heartless bastards would even 'suggest' the insult of 'compensation', when there is none? 

'Here's a few shekels kid, go buy some Kleenex to wipe the blood from your face.'

[Image: Palestinian girl Nesreen Hash'hash after being shot in the face by an Israeli soldier]

How do you 'compensate' a people a) when you're not even sorry for what you've done, b) when you won't even admit to wrongdoing and continue to 'justify' the wrongdoing, and c) when you continue to engage in the wrongdoing?

Compensation - and the gross lack of it - is nothing but a cruel joke. We see this joke played out here on the streets of America too, day in and day out. Funny thing about that is, nobody is laughing here in the States either - and the poo hasn't even quite hit the big fan yet.

We see the cruel joke chronicled in our history, we see it playing out in our present, and seems to me, we'll be seeing it unfold through the closing window of tomorrow, and however many of them are even left for us as a species, is anybody's guess.

Psychopaths care nothing about ''compensation'.
They're about control. 'Let the dead bury the dead'.

There is nothing we could ever offer these people who have suffered through U.S./Nato/Israeli military attacks that would ever suffice, ever be enough, ever right the terrible wrongs that have been and continue to be committed. Nothing, ever.

And the thing about that, imo, is, we're not even offering that very least of all things that might help us to still be able to make the claim that we care about human rights, or that we respect human life, or that our leaders and much of our society possess any characteristics or semblance of 'humanity' within them, assuming they ever did in the first place.

The attacked nations of the world do not stand alone in the bulls-eye. America has died too. Whatever it was that gave her the illusion of 'life' before all this 'war-everywhere-all the time-till-the-end-of-time' and these 'kill-anything-that-moves' macabre games began, seems to have disappeared. Somebody seems to have engaged the 'kill-switch' on this society.

'America' should be counted, yes, but no longer as a 'world superpower'.
America has become yet another casualty of 'war', collateral damage, Maybe one day, if the comets don't take the rest of us out first, 'America' will be found listed among the names of other forgotten, fallen empires, in a book of the dead, on a high dusty shelf in some psychopath's library.

It's surreal, but not surprising, that an illusion this big could burst, and so few would even hear the pop, let alone the last agonal breath of 'Lady Liberty'.

I wonder who in this big wide wounded world would rush to resuscitate her, if it were even possible, let alone 'compensate' her.