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Friday, October 25, 2013

New Teen Artist JT3 Drops Debut Single

Available At All Digital Retail Outlets

Coming to you from a town where there is only one stop light and more wildlife than people, Louisiana based teen sensation JT3 drops his debut single “It’s You” on Sound Alive/Team Mashn/INgrooves/Fontana Records. Produced by E. Smitty (Sound Alive Studios), “It’s You” is a new danceable track for the young ladies worldwide to vibe to. “I created this song based on a boy meets girl theme so a lot of people around my age can relate… even some adults too.” states JT3.
His name derives from three generations of men from the Zachary, Louisiana based Thomas family. “My name comes from the initials of my grandfather and fathers name (Jake Thomas). I am Jake Thomas III, so that is where my name JT3 came from”.  After losing his dad a few years ago, and now dealing with his grandfathers recovery from a recent stroke, he uses his name as his creative synergy to produce quality music for generations to come.
JT3 is currently in the studio working on his debut album (TBA) which is set for release sometime in 2014 featuring production from E. Smitty and JT3. In addition to working on his own music production for his future album, JT3 will also take on the roll as the main writer for his debut project. “It’s You” is currently available for purchase at all digital retail outlets. You can also check out JT3’s official music video for “It’s You” on Youtube. For more information on JT3 be sure to visit and
(left click to preview/right click to download to download single)
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Official "It's You" Video Link:
For more information on JT3 contact:
Greg Burke
Shocksound Promotions
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