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Friday, October 04, 2013

Update: D.C. Capitol 'shooting' and car-chase leads to lockdown and summary execution of 'suspect'

© Alex Brandon / Associated Press
Police gather near the scene on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013, after gunshots were heard. Police say the U.S. Capitol has been put on a security lockdown amid reports of possible shots fired outside the building

Bradley Klapper & Laurie Kellman
Sacramento Bee
A police officer was reported injured after gunshots at the U.S. Capitol, police said Thursday. They locked down the entire complex, derailing debate over how to end a government shutdown.

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., told reporters he was walking from the Capitol to the Senate Russell Office Building across the street when he noticed several police officers driving fast up Constitution Avenue on motorcycles.

"Within seconds of that," Casey said, "we heard three, four, five pops," which he assumed were gunshots. He said police ordered Casey and nearby tourists to crouch behind a car for protection.

In about two minutes, he said, the officers moved everyone into the Capitol.

FBI agents rushed to the scene and Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer said: "There are reports of injuries."

The report comes two weeks after a mentally disturbed employee terrorized the Navy Yard with a shotgun, leaving 13 people dead including the gunman.

As a warning was sounded, the House abruptly went into recess and lawmakers left the chamber floor. The Senate also suspended business.

Before the disruption, lawmakers had been trying to find common ground to end a government shutdown. The House had just finished approving legislation aimed at partly lifting the government shutdown by paying National Guard and Reserve members.

People standing outside the Supreme Court across the street from Congress were hurried into the court building by authorities.

The White House was quickly locked down after the incident at Capitol Hill and the stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the compound was closed to pedestrians. Secret Service said the procedures were precautionary.

Source: Associated Press

Comment: Video footage has emerged of this 'shooting':

It looks like it was the cops who did all the shooting. In 
fact, it's starting to look like it wasn't actually 'a shooting' - 
it was just cops being cops and someone trying to get 
away from them. 

Remember the initial claim that the female driver "tried to 
ram the White House gates"?

Actually, her black Lexus seems to have accidentally 
clipped one of multiple checkpoints in downtown 
militarized D.C. 

There was a child in the backseat, presumably her own.

The mother may have panicked when approached by 
hystericized, trigger-happy cops, then reacted stupidly by 
attempting to speed away from them.

For that, she was shot dead, summarily executed on site.

The corporate media has taken full advantage of this story 
to freak everyone out and distract people from that other 
contrived 'shutdown' that has shut down vital services for 
millions of Americans...
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