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Sunday, October 13, 2013

U.S Gov’t Shutdown Blamed For EBT/Food Stamp Shutdown – Glitch Excuse Is #WTF (Video)

By Susan Duclos

A quick note here- The food stamp program was created as a step up, a temporary measure to help when someone has fallen down in their luck, lost a job or became injured and in need of help until they got back on their feet. Those people and those who are unable to work or disabled, are exempt from the next statement. 

Those that think by popping out babies one after another or gaming the system because they make more living off the government, hence living off taxpayer dollars, can go to hell, they don’t deserve their foodstamps, nor their free cash for sex shops, amusement parks, strip clubs etc….

But I digress, so back to the point.

The title comes from a sign in a store window, yet the the US government insists the EBT/Food stamp system is down because of a glitch….. what is the truth?

We may never really know, because just as the refusal to bury our fallen military membersand provide death benefits, because of the government shutdown, was “miraculously” saved by Congress and benefits were once again to be restored, there is no doubt that the EBT system will suddenly be fixed, the “glitch” found and rectified.

The point of all of it, could be to show “we the people” that we need the government, so take away everything, then restore it because of our politicians’ brave and courageous efforts, and we are supposed to fall to our knees in thankfulness and gratitude and forget how they have betrayed us time after time.

OR the point could be to see how far the people can be pushed, create riots, give reason to declare martial law, implement all those sickening executive orders that allow the Obama administration to size assets, vehicles, food stockpiles, weapons and shove political dissidents into those FEMA camps that Congress continues to try to pass a bill to have created on American soil.

Do they really think we are that stupid?

Lets go back to September 30, 2013, a video uploaded by CourageousNerds, and in the details of the video it says, before the shutdown occurred, “BARRICADE YOUR DOORS. BOTH GOVT SHUTDOWN & NATIONWIDE FOOD STAMP SHUTDOWN WILL BE HELL ON EARTH OCT 1ST UNLESS THINGS CHANGE..”

Is it coincidence that people were able to predict this would happen, like they had a crystal ball they were reading, then it does happen, but hey, it isn’t the shutdown, it is a “glitch”, we’ll get it fixed and then you will appreciate us, your dear leaders, all the more?

I call BS.

Anyone that truly believes the system went down nationwide over a glitch is stupid, naive or both.

Cross posted at Wake up America Blog

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