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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Boy gets Tasered by cop, ends up in a Coma for trying to break up schoolyard fight

Cedar Creek High School
image credit: Larry D. Moore
Chris Carrington

Activist Post

A Texas schoolboy who was tasered after 

intervening in a fight at his school is still 

in a coma.

The boy, identified only as NN, suffered a 

severe brain hemorrhage on November 20th when he was tasered 

by a police officer for trying to break up between two girls at the 

Cedar Creek High School.

The boy's mother spoke to KXAN last week saying:

“I’m called to the school, and they say you have to get to 
the hospital, (They said) your son is alive. I say, ‘what do 
you mean he’s alive?” 
Her son “stepped in to break up the fight” before police 
could arrive, Acosta says in the suit. 
McMillan and another security officer arrived to break up 
the fight upon being called by school officials. Acosta says 
her son “diffused the situation” by the time they arrived on 
the scene.  
McMillan told N.N. to step away, and he did so with his hands raised, but McMillan tasered him nevertheless, Acosta alleges. 
Immobilized by the Taser, N.N. fell and struck his head on the floor, at which point McMillan handcuffed the unconscious boy, 17. 
Acosta says school officials initially “delayed in calling for medical assistance even though N.N. was in an obvious emergency medical situation. 
“Eventually, school officials called for EMS and N.N. was airlifted to St. David’s Medical Center, where he immediately underwent surgery to repair a severe brain hemorrhage and was placed in a medically induced coma.”(source)
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