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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Engage and Change in Toronto

14 years ago my Bargains Group family and I founded Project Winter Survival, and we will continue to proudly support this project until it is no longer needed.
This year there are exciting changes to the event; Project Winter Survival is now an Engage and Change initiative.
As the founder of Engage and Change, I would like to share the following letter with you in hopes for your continued support of Project Winter Survival; it is desperately needed and greatly appreciated.
Jody Steinhauer

Engage and Change

As the Chair of Engage and Change, I am proud to announce that Project Winter Survival is now an Engage and Change initiative! Engage and Change is a newly founded national charity that aims to foster good citizenship and encourage healthy communities by giving back through hands on group volunteer projects that assemble and build kits to assist on the alleviation of poverty.

With the cold winter weather quickly approaching, it's that time of year again when we reach out to help spread the word about Project Winter Survival.

The demand is high; last year over 11,000 Survival Kits were requested by homeless shelters and frontline social service agencies in the Greater Toronto Area alone. These kits are filled with essential items that will help the homeless survive the extreme winter weather. These kits can make the difference between life and death.

In our 15th year our goal is to assemble 3,000 Survival Kits; and we need your help to reach this goal!

For a donation of as little as $25.00, you will help provide a Survival Kit for someone in need. You can sponsor a Survival Kit in lieu of holiday gifts on behalf of family, friends, employees, colleagues, or for any special occasion.

Over 170 social service agencies rely on Project Winter Survival; organizations such as Canadian Red Cross, Covenant House, Out of the Cold programs, The Good Neighbours' Club, The Salvation Army, Scott Mission, and countless other local drop-in programs throughout the GTA. With your support, our goal of 3,000 Survival kits can be achieved!

You can also help spread the word about Project Winter Survival to any schools, clients, friends, or family who are looking to support their community this winter. please forward this email to anyone you know who may want to help.

If you are able to help, please follow the "Donate Now" link below. A tax receipt will be issued. Donate Now Through! 
You can also donate by cheque, made out to Engage and Change, mailed to:  
Engage and Change
890 Caledonia Road
Toronto, Ontario
M6B 3Y1


For more information, visit the Engage and Change website or email

Please pass this letter on and share with all!

Thank you,

Antonio Bruno Scorsone, PhD, RSW

Engage and Change

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