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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ensure the Senate scandal truth comes out -- make the investigations fully independent!

By Democracy Watch
The RCMP recently accused Prime Minister Harper's Chief of Staff Nigel Wright of bribing Senator Mike Duffy with a $90,000 cheque, and revealed secret emails that raise serious questions about whether PM Harper and his staff were involved in the payoff to cover up the Senate scandal.  Will the RCMP keep digging and follow the evidence wherever it leads?
Canadians deserve to know the truth.  This scandal is no longer just about the misspending of taxpayer dollars but about whether many politicians and government officials broke the law.  More investigation is needed to uncover what really happened in the Senate scandal, but it is certain that the public has been lied to.

This petition asks that an independent prosecutor be appointed to ensure the RCMP fully investigates everyone in the Senate scandals, and all wrongdoers are prosecuted and held accountable.

There are serious questions about the RCMP's independence from Prime Minister Harper's government, and so they must be watched closely to ensure we can trust the results of their investigation. Currently, both the RCMP and the Commissioner of Canada Elections (who is also investigating) are likely overseen by prosecutors who serve under PM Harper's Minister of Justice Peter MacKay.

There are many reasons to believe we can win! In similar spending scandal situations, and after loud public outcry, many provincial governments, including in B.C. and Ontario, have appointed independent prosecutors to ensure investigations are conducted properly and thoroughly, and that prosecution decisions are not undermined by career ambitions or other dangerous conflicts of interest.

Help push Prime Minister Harper to ensure the Senate scandals are investigated fully, and every wrongdoer is prosecuted transparently, by:
1. Appointing an independent prosecutor with all federal political party leaders approving the person chosen;
2. Empowering the prosecutor to oversee and direct the investigations of all the Senate scandals;
3. Requiring the prosecutor to give public updates on the status of all the investigations every month, and;
4. Requiring the prosecutor to explain publicly if s/he decides not to prosecute someone who is facing allegations.
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