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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fired for protecting a teenage girl

Jackie Munn was fired by Modesto High School for protecting a female student from a male bully. Please sign my petition to help Jackie get her job back!


When I was a student at Modesto High School, I had so much respect for a student supervisor named Jackie Munn. Jackie cared about the students so much, from helping out with student council to coaching the softball team. So I was shocked to learn last week that Jackie had been fired -- for protecting a female student from a violent bully. 
Last March, a male student was beating up a female student in the cafeteria, beating her over the head with a milk crate. All of the student supervisors -- including Jackie -- were called to respond. According to another staff member who was there, the male student continued to fight the student supervisors, and Jackie helped by holding him to the ground. And because of this, she was fired.
There haven't been complaints from neither the student Jackie held down nor his parents -- I believe the school is overstepping its bounds to fire a beloved staff member. I'm not going to stand for that.
I started a petition on calling on the Modesto School Board to reinstate Jackie Munn. Please click here to sign my petition.
Jackie has worked at MHS since 1994, and she's always been seen as a special member of the staff who really cares about the students. I can still remember her every homecoming, walking around to the different kids who'd worked on floats and complimenting their work, making them feel special. Every year the seniors order sweatshirts, and even though Jackie doesn't make a lot of money, she always buys sweatshirts for the kids who can't afford them. That's just how she is.
I am so angry that the school would fire Jackie right before her retirement, especially after all that she has given to the students for so many years. People from the class of 1999 to current students have signed my petition. Jackie always fought for us, so we want to make sure someone is fighting for her.
Last March, Jackie did her job by protecting a student from a bully. Now it's our turn to protect her from an unfair termination -- and I know if enough people sign my petition, we can pressure the school board to do the right thing.
Please sign my petition calling on Modesto's school board to reinstate Jackie Munn.
Thank you,
Gina Hernandez
San Francisco, CA
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