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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Philippines Emergency Update By UNICEF Canada

Thank you for your support to the families and children in the Philippines - our continued relief efforts are not possible without you.
Even with the extensive destruction to roads and airports continuing to provide a logistical challenge, UNICEF was one of the first on the ground providing critical supplies. With over 66 years of experience in the Philippines, UNICEF had prepositioned supplies in key areas in anticipation of the need. An additional 60 metric tons of emergency relief arrived late Sunday with more on its way today.
With over 4 million children affected by Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation, our work has barely begun. Our priority is meeting basic survival needs with clean water, sanitation, nutrition and child protection. In times of emergency, children are the most vulnerable and with each donation, we are able to reach more people, many of them in hard to access and remote areas.
We thank you for your support. We hope that you will share this message of need so that we may continue to bring clean water and much needed life saving supplies, such as: nutrition, vaccines and first aid, to the children and families suffering right now in the Philippines.
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