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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ashley Smith Murdered By The People In The System She Was Placed In

Ashley Smith inquest: Death a homicide, jury rules

Jurors in the Ashley Smith inquest have returned a verdict of homicide.

After deliberating for just over two weeks, Jurors in the Ashley Smith inquest have returned a verdict of homicide  . Smith was 19 years old when she choked herself to death six years ago. Guards videotaped the incident but did not intervene in time. The inquest is expected to make numerous recommendations on dealing with inmates who are mentally ill.

The verdict delivers a strong message to Correctional Service 
Canada, but a stronger message would be sent loud and clear if the Government of Canada had the  criminal investigation reopened and charges we're laid.

Canada's Justice System needs to clean house on this one going from the bottom right to the top which would include decision-makers at Grand Valley, including the acting warden at the time, Cindy Berry, and her deputy, Joanna Pauline.

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