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Friday, December 06, 2013

New NELSON MANDELA CITY proposed as capitol of new 21st Century Middle East

nelson-mandelaby Johnny Punish

Today, we mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela and celebrate his gift of forgiveness and reconciliation to the whole world!
As it turns out Mandela was the 20th century’s greatest global citizen inspiring the whole world.
As the 21st century unfolds, our children and their children will require all the inspiration of Mandela to navigate their future challenges.
As the Middle East struggles with antiquated ideals that no longer function for its people, Mandela can provide an inspiration forward.
In fact, we now need to allow the Mandela gift to lead us into a new 21st Century that pays hommage to this first true global leader called MADIBA!
In Mandelas’ better world, there are no white or black people. There are no Muslim, Christian or Jewish people. There is no such thing as exclusion. We’re all human beings!
In the new Middle East Union as proposed by the new, there will be no white, no black, no Jewish, no Muslim, and no Christian people. There will only be people with the rights to live in peace as one with respect and honor for one another.
In this spirit, I propose that the new Middle East Union create its new capitol and call it Nelson Mandela City;  a green new city of hope; a home for everyone.
But taking this positive action, it sends a message to every human within the union and around the world that the Middle East is a new world, a new place where freedom rings, democracy thrives, human rights are just and right, and every citizen of the Union is special, respected and honored with all the rights and respect embodied in the life of Nelson Mandela.
Middle East Union
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