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Thursday, January 30, 2014

10-year-old Michigan boy has a lucky hunch & saves a 80-year-old woman

Howell - Saturday evening, 10-year-old Danny DiPietro of Howell, Michigan became a local hero when he spotted something peculiar in an open garage on the way home from a hockey game. 

As his dad drove the young boy home, he looked through the side window and noticed something moving. At a passing glance, he thought it was a dog accidentally left outside by its owners. 

"It was late at night and super cold out and their garage was open and something just didn't feel right," said Danny. 

Unable to get the image out of his mind, when he got home he asked his mother Dawn if she could check it out. At first, Dawn was skeptical and tried to assure Danny that the dog was fine and that nobody would leave their dog outside in such severe cold. 

Inside a Garage
© Alan Kotok
Inside a garage during heavy snow.
But the young man was persistent and eventually talked his mom into investigating the open garage. 

"So he walked out of the room and came back and he said, 'No, can we just go up there?' He goes, 'It's, you know, something's not right.' I said, 'Ok.'" 

When Dawn approached the condo, she soon noticed a barefoot, elderly woman waving her hand. It was 80-year-old Kathleen St. Onge, who took a hard fall when she slipped on some ice in her garage and could not get back up. 

"I ran back called my husband. He ran up there with a blanket. Got my next door neighbor, and then was on the phone with 911," said Dawn. 

According to doctors, Ms. St. Onge is recovering well in the hospital, but likely would have died within an hour of the time the DiPietros found her had they not gotten there sooner. 

Her daughter Sandy met Danny in person to thank him for saving her mother's life. "She is very emotional when she talks about Danny," said Sandy. 

"She says, 'That little boy saved my life. Just thank goodness for that little boy. Thank goodness for his hunch and his persistence.' And she knows as well as everybody else that she's alive because of him."
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