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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Premier Wynne Sticks To The Status Quo Ontario's Minimum Wage $11 Bucks Per Hour Not The $14 That Was Needed!

TORONTO – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Thursday a 75 cent increase in the province’s minimum wage from $10.25 to $11 per hour effective June 1.
The Liberals froze the minimum wage at $10.25 an hour in 2010, after increasing it annually from $6.85 in 2004.
The province also plans to introduce legislation to tie future increases to the rate of inflation, a key recommendation of an expert panel.
The new rate would be announced April 1 each year and take effect Oct. 1.
The premier, making the announcement inside a coffee shop in Toronto, said the wage hike will not be included in the next provincial budget but instead be introduced as a separate piece of legislation.
Wynne told reporters the minimum wage could very well go up every year.
“Depending on the cost of living, absolutely,” she said.
Labour Minister Yasir Naqvi says it was “unfair” for Ontario’s last Conservative government to freeze the minimum wage for eight years, but won’t say why it was okay for the Liberals to keep the same rate for four years.
“It ensures that a single mother who’s working full-time can now earn over the poverty line before taxes,” said Naqvi.
Anti-poverty activists have been pushing the province for an immediate jump in the minimum wage to $14 an hour, but Naqvi said that would be “too much” for businesses to handle and could end prompt some to cut jobs.
“Indexing it to the cost of living, it modernizes the way in we determine minimum wage,” he said.
-with files from The Canadian Press
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