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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Struggle The Blind Chemist - The Essence

Artist: Struggle The Blind Chemist
Song Title: The Essence
Label: White Label/Indie

Genre: Hip Hop/Underground Hip Hop

Produced By: E. Smitty/ Sound Alive Studios (Atlanta, GA)

Soundcloud Song Link: 

HD Youtube Video Link:


Struggle The Blind Chemist was raised on the coast of N.C. as a  true fan of hip hop culture. "I have always strived to make music from the soul and the purest origins I can find. To do something in hip hop that shows respect to cats in the game who did it for hip hop."
His latest single "The Essence" which was produced by E. Smitty is a introduction to Struggle The Blind Chemist. "The Essence" is currently available at all digital retail outlets..
Be on the look out for his new mixtape that will be hitting the streets by the end of February 2014.

Media Inquiries Contact: Greg Burke 804 446 1781
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