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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Charges laid against man and female in murder of Loretta Saunders

Police have charged a man and woman with murder in the death of Loretta Saunders, a young Inuit woman, who was originally from Labrador.

HALIFAX Halifax police charged a man and woman with first-

degree murder Thursday in the death of Loretta Saunders, a 

university student whose body was found a day earlier on the side 

of a highway in New Brunswick.

Police say Victoria Henneberry, 28, and Blake Leggette, 25, will 

face the charges in Halifax provincial court Friday.

Henneberry and Leggette were charged earlier with stealing 

Saunders's 2000 Toyota Celica, which was found Feb 13.

Defence lawyer Patrick MacEwen said outside court that the 

lawyers needed time since Henneberry had just arrived in Halifax 

late Tuesday after being arrested in Ontario days earlier.

National Chief Shawn Atleo of the Assembly of First Nations said 

Saunders's death brings focus on the need for a national 

commission of inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal 


Pierre Bourdages of Halifax Regional Police said Saunders's body 

was at the medical examiner's office in Saint John, N.B., for an 

autopsy in the coming days.

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