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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Japanese radio commentator quits after being told to shut up about Fukushima nuclear plant

JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER   Shinzo Abe has claimed that the problems at the Fukushima power plant are under control.
But stories keep percolating out of the country raising questions about the state of the nuclear reactors in the area crippled by a March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
Russia Today has reported that a commentator on Japan's Radio 1 has quit after he was instructed not to discuss the nuclear accident until after a gubernatorial election.
And this commentator, Toru Nakakita, is an economics professor at the University of Toyo in Tokyo.
Nakakita quit as a result of the censorship order.
Nuclear energy is reportedly a major issue in the election.
Here's part of the Russia Today report:
In his commentary, the economist intended to discuss the fact that the cost of decommissioning of Japanese nuclear power plants reflects inadequately on the balance sheets of public utility companies. Moreover, he planned to tell about growing operating costs of nuclear power around the world, in the light of the recent surge in insurance premiums and security costs.
Representatives of HNK [sic] company, the owner of Radio 1, argue that they wanted the broadcast to be impartial as well as to observe the principle of saturation coverage. Furthermore, according to them, they simply could not find an expert with the opposite point of view on the issue in time.
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