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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Top 20 countries; likely to face coup in 2014: Canada & The U.S did not make the List :(

Top 20 countries; likely to face coup in 2014:
WASHINGTON: Pakistan has been included in the list of 40 countries having risks of coup in 2014 and residing on the 14th position released by Jay Ulfelder, a famous political scientist who also blogs.
A famous political scientist, Jay Ulfelder’s mathematical model which forecasted about expected ‘coups’ across the World in 2014, while the Max Fisher has posted the list in Washington Posts on January 28.
Pakistan has been placed on the 14th position in the list while its neighbouring country Afghanistan is on 12th.
Jay Ulfelder’s have maintained the coups’ lists since last three years stated that 40 countries are on the list 10 were more prone to risk mostly belong to sub Saharan Africa except Thailand.
Ranking has been finalised on basis of country’s political history, present political, social and economic situation prevailing in the countries.
Top 20 countries; likely to face coup in 2014:
1. Guinea
2. Madagascar
3. Mali
4. Equatorial Guinea
5. Niger
6. Guinea-Bissau
7. Sudan
8. Central African Republic
9. South Sudan
10. Thailand
11. Somalia
12. Afghanistan
13. DRC
14. Pakistan
15. Haiti
16. Egypt
17. Chad
18. Ecuador
19. Mauritania
20. Cameroon
The 40 countries most at risk for a coup in 2014 (Jay Ulfelder): Courtesy Washington Posts
Rest of countries (21-40) in the list include:
21. Togo
22. Myanmar
23. Lesotho
24. Republic of Congo
25. Ethiopia
26. Ivory coast
27. Iraq
28. Nigeria
29. Algeria
30. Papua New Guinea
31. Swaziland
32. Rwanda
33. Nepal
34. Angola
35. Burkina Faso
36. Libya
37. Mozambique
38. Georgia
39. Gabbon
40. Yemen
There were two coups seen in last year including Mali and Guinea-Bissau, the two West African countries that Ulfelder had rated as particularly high-risk, whereas, his model for 2013 hadn’t even included Eritrea in the top 30 most endangered.
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