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Thursday, March 27, 2014

EU LEADERSHIP Claims To Be Progressive & Modern With No Black Men Or Women To Be Seen

After seeing photos of Obama shaking hands with the richies that run the EU, I began to wonder. Are there any black leaders in the history of the EU? Considering the diverse countries which are part of the EU, it would almost seem like a sure thing.

Here is one of the first images actually returned with the Google title, "Images for European Union black leaders":

No black leaders here. We see Merkel in this photo among the leaders. But no black people are present. Looks like Merkel is out of uniform - her suit is not matching others wearing dark suits.

In this photo published March 25, 2014 again we see Merkel. Also visible is the background is the American flag. She is having a great time chatting with the other cronies, probably laughing at the ignorant EU populace who have no vote or say about who they put into power.

In this image titled "family photo" of EU leaders all wearing the same color suits, still no black men or women can be seen.

For a so-called "union" which claims to be so progressive and modern, representing many countries, and with their fingers in all the countries of the world, how can this be?

Looks like Obama's puppeteers have a new place where they can go to pull strings.

Time will tell...
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