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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Medicated pizza? Pot-friendly pizzeria opens in Vancouver

Marijuana may be linked with brownies and cookies, but a Vancouver cafe is hoping to make it synonymous with something else: pizza.
Mega iLL pizzeria and cafe, on Kingsway and Fraser, will serve you a marijuana-infused pizza - provided you have a medical exemption.
"There's already vapour lounges and lounges around town so I figured I'd mix that with pizza," said Mark Klokeid, a co-owner of the joint. 

Klokeid got the idea after traveling to Cambodia and sampling "Happy Pizza", a pizza infused with cannabis.
A medicinal user himself, he decided to offer it to the Vancouver community and opened up shop in December
The café offers twists on normal pizza toppings as well as the cannabis version.
Vapourizers and grinders are provided to customers, as long as you buy a pizza, and cannabis laced pizza costs an additional $10.
The cafe has been a hit amongst the local community.
 About 100 pizzas come out of the oven every day and the cafe is expanding to delivery this weekend.

"The environment here is really friendly...any place that's a social gathering or where we can get together is awesome," said Fred Pritchard, a first time customer and admitted cannabis lover.
Federal laws surrounding medicinal marijuana are set to come down on April 1, changing how medicinal users can get and consume cannabis.
Under the new rules, cannabis will not be allowed to be extracted and put in to food. However, Klokeid is unconcerned by the affect on his business.
"I don't feel the VPD or the community thinks I'm doing anything wrong, Klokeid said. "If anything, I'm starting jobs and getting people to come down here and bring business to surrounding area."

CTV Vancouver
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