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Monday, March 03, 2014

One Community gather to remember the victim of multiple stabbing attack in Edmonton

Members of Edmonton’s Guinea community gathered to pay their respects to one of the victims in a multiple stabbing incident.
Forty-one-year-old Thierno Bah died Friday following a stabbing attack at a Loblaw’s warehouse in the west-end.
Many said they had not known him long but it was a big loss for the small community.
“The way he was killed, he was not sick, or in an accident or something. He was killed while lifting boxes at work,” Mamatou Barry said.
The Guinean community has been working on raising money to help Bah’s widow and their four children and also to send his body back home.
“They want to do that because most of his family is there and second is that is our culture,” Barry explained.
Police have charged Jamye Pasieka with multiple charges including two counts of first degree murder.
He has also been charged with one count of attempted murder, one charge of aggravated assault and two charges of possession of an offensive weapon.
A neighbour of Pasieka said he had been concerned about the 29-year-old’s behaviour for a while.
“I felt there was something definitely not right with this guy,” Dan Anfield told CTV News.
“One day I came home from work and he was ranting and ravaing and shouting out ‘kill, kill, kill’ and pounding on walls.
“I was concerned for the safety of my kid and the neighbours,” he said adding he had contacted police about his concerns prior to Friday’s attack.
Emergency crews responded to 161 Street and 121A Avenue around 2 p.m. February 28.
“When our members arrived there it was complete chaos,” Staff Sgt. Bill Clark explained.
The attack left Bah and 50-year-old Fitzroy Harris dead and four others injured.
Pasieka was said to be armed with two knives and was wearing a military-styled vest during the incident.
Officials said he fled the scene in a green SUV but was arrested around 5 p.m. at 39 Street and 74 Avenue.
Pasieka will make his first court appearance on Monday.
With files from Sarah Richter CTV

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