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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toronto Post Proudly Presents Dynamic Equilibrium

The Hip-Hop Duo known as "Dynamic 
Equilibrium” is made up of emcee, Alpha Memphis, and producer, Machia. Alpha Memphis hails from Queens, New York and is a part of two underground hip-
hop conglomerates (Genius Sounds Family and Dope League).  
The Producer half of Dynamic Equilibrium is Machia, a Brooklyn 
native also representing major conglomerates (Fang Gang, Dope 
League, and Genius Sounds Family). Style of Music: Rap & Hip-

DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM is a New York Based Hip-Hop Duo who has been captivating the masses through thought provoking lyrics and mind shattering production. Rapper Alpha Memphis & producer Machia have great chemistry which is clearly shown within their music.

It is this chemistry that gives this duo their dynamic sound, hard hitting production and lyrics with actual meaning is a brutal combination. Dynamic Equilibrium delivers every time and always leaves the crowd wanting more.

Dynamic Equilibrium has released one EP titled “Post-Crack Era” this 5 track EP is a representation of all the fundamental elements for which Hip-Hop embodies. Dynamic Equilibrium brings something that the game has been longing for in the past years. Aside from the overall production of the tape, Dynamic Equilibrium not only presents listeners with deep intellectual lyrical content, but also a story of some of the struggles in society and the world in general. With Alpha Memphis’s witty flow, and Machia impeccable production, the duo shows that knowledge truly is power.

Dynamic Equilibrium (New York City, NY)
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Dynamic Equilibrium- Lucidity(Official Video)
YouTube Link:

Description: "This song tells the story of a man down on his luck and even worse, the story of a man that feels unloved. Let's spread love before it's too late."

Contact Info:
Serious inquiries contact
Cell Phone: (917)-288-4493 or (347)-837-8308
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