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Monday, March 31, 2014

Virginia couple becomes Millionaires after Winning Lottery Third Time This Month

Virginia couple wins lottery THREE times in a month, becoming instant millionaires

Calvin and Zatera Spencer from Portsmouth, Va., won $1 million playing Powerball and two weeks later scored a $50,000 prize playing a Pick 4 game. Defying odds, the couple won another $1 million on a scratcher ticket the following day. ‘We’re not finished yet,’ Calvin Spencer said.

A lucky Virginia couple has become instant millionaires after winning the lottery three times in less than a month.
Calvin and Zatera Spencer, from Portsmouth, beat odds of millions to one to scoop the series of mega-cash prizes in March.
Their incredible run of luck began on March 12 when they hit the Powerball jackpot with a $1 million win.
Two weeks later, on the 26th, they netted $50,000 from a Pick 4 game.
And the following day, keen to capitalize on their good fortune, they bought a scratcher — which saw them earn another $1 million prize.
"Baby, we did it again!" Calvin Spencer reportedly told his wife following the third astonishing pickup.
The Daily Press reports that, despite the newfound cash, the pair is set to continue playing the lottery. "We're not finished yet," Calvin Spencer added.
The Daily Press
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