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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ain't No Sunshine For The Children In Care In Ontario VIA Children's Aid

 The Ontario government is spending taxpayer money on hefty salaries instead of providing justice to the vulnerable children placed in its care.
Thousands of children in the province are placed in the care of the Ontario government as a result of a troublesome and unsafe home life. Through government-funded organizations like the Children's Aid Society (CAS), they are promised protection and a better life.
The principal responsibility of the CAS is to ensure that these children are protected from harm. And they are earning top dollar to do so. According to the recently released Sunshine List, CAS employees making more than $100,000 totals over $71 million.
Recently, a class action lawsuit was filed against the Ontario government for its systematic failure to protect the legal rights of children who were placed in its care. Due to the government's inaction, former Crown wards of the province did not receive any financial compensation for the unspeakable suffering they endured, both at home and then again as wards of the province.
As of yet, the government has done nothing to fix this problem. Former Crown wards are demanding the justice they should have received as children under the province's care.
SOURCE Koskie Minsky LLP
Canada News Wire

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