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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boiling Point: International scientists' panel sends out dire warning about climate

Forget the political naysayers who claim climate warming is an imaginary scenario, and focus on scientific facts during this news warning.
Global warming is here and the situation is dire - so harsh, in fact, that the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change reported today from Berlin that if we do not address this immediately and strongly we will NOT be able to reverse the damage.
The panel is comprised of scientists from a variety of countries and political environments, and is non-partisan. This panel was created by the United Nations, and includes hundreds of experts including scientists and economists.
A link to this critical report will be included at the end of this article.
The report offered a small dose of good news: that since their last report in 2007, there has been some improvements from major climate offenders
such as the United States and China. But the significant information in this report states clearly that ALL global emissions are thrusting the Earth into a rise in the global average temperature, aka global warming.
Scientists warned that if the entire world - lead by wealthier countries - do not step up their lessening of emissions - it will be impossible to lower any of the carbon pollution that is currently growing at a high rate today.
The collapse of the ice in polar regions will result in numerous disasters, including the extinction of some of our species; a very fast rise in our sea levels; and the mass killing of many, many forests.
This is a complex yet very real issue: without the technology developed yet to combat this epic growth of emissions and pollution, as the climate warms up and the mass extinction of not only entire species of animals but also vital forests continues, the Earth we live on will not be 
as hospitable for future generations.
And, if you think this scenario will play out in the next 1,000 years, think again.
The date these scientists predict the way back from climate warming will be irreversible or at the very least extremely harmful for human beings and the planet is by 2025.
Click here for the report.
A full news story with quotes, facts and more scientific information will appear here soon.

Diane Lilli

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