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Friday, April 25, 2014

Cops On The Trial Of Attempted Bank Robber After leaves behind note with his name

According to the Sun Sentinel, FBI agents said Felipe Cruz tried to rob a Chase Bank in Pompano Beach, Fla., earlier this month when he presented an unidentified female teller with a note to give him money.
“Give me the 100s 50s 20s now,” the note reportedly stated. “Do not set the alarm. Hurry!!!”
Protected by bulletproof glass, authorities said the teller ignored the request.
Cruz then allegedly fled the scene empty-handed. The stick-up note was reportedly written on the back of an online job application and included a handwritten note with the username CRUZFELIPE36 and a password.
FBI agents said they were also able to identify the suspect by lifting fingerprints off the note.
“By trying to rob a bank with a demand note written on the back of his employment search form, the robber has given us a clue,” said FBI agent Michael Leverock. “He probably should have continued looking for honest work.”
Cruz is currently being sought on charges of attempted robbery.
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