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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dallas man in Superman hoodie catches baby thrown from burning apartment building

A Dallas man wearing a Superman hoodie came to the rescue of a family trapped inside of a burning apartment building, catching their baby as the child was thrown from the apartment patio, according to NBC-DFW.
Tori Phillips had just come around the building when he saw the family attempting to get away from the fire that eventually engulfed dozens of units.
“I’d seen they needed help and they were scared to come down with their baby and I was like I’m right here, I’ll catch ‘em so that’s what I did and then another dude helped get his wife down and then he jumped down and got them to safety,” said Phillips.
Phillips, a Superman fan, was wearing a Superman hoodie when he caught the baby.
Asked how it felt to catch the baby and then hand the baby off to the parents, Philips said, “It felt real good. Made me feel very humble and cherish my own loved ones.”
Phillips is among hundreds who lost their apartment in the overnight blaze that turned into a four-alarm fire.
According to fire investigators, the fire may have been caused by a tenant who was using candles for light after their electricity was shut off.
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