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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Free Pass For Underage Drinking Party With No Adult Supervision At The Taxpayers Expense At Prime Minister's Home?

Paramedics called to 24 Sussex, reportedly after Harper son’s 18th bday By Laura Stone Global News
Video: An ambulance was called to the Prime Minister’s residence on Saturday night to treat an 18-year-old for alcohol poisoning. Vassy Kapelos has the details.
OTTAWA – Paramedics were called to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s official residence last weekend, reportedly to attend to an 18-year-old female with suspected alcohol poisoning.
The RCMP confirmed that Ottawa Paramedic Services were called to 24 Sussex Dr. on the weekend, but provided no other details.
According to Jenna Zeisig, whose cousin was at the residence, there was an 18th birthday party for Harper’s son, Ben, at 24 Sussex on Saturday.
“She said (the party) was really big,” Zeisig said.
Quebec’s Cogeco News reported Wednesday that the woman suffered from what was suspected to be alcohol poisoning after attending a party at the residence and was transported to hospital.
A spokesman for the paramedics said they responded to a call on Sussex Drive early Sunday morning. “Due to confidentiality reasons we cannot comment further on the specifics of the call,” spokesman J.P Trottier wrote in an email.
The RCMP said the call was not related to anyone in the Harper family.
“The RCMP’s role is to ensure the personal protection of the Prime Minister and his family. The RCMP is also responsible for security at their official residence,” spokeswoman Cpl. Lucy Shorey wrote in an email.
“This was a medical call and not a police matter. It did not involve any of our protectees.”
A spokesman for the prime minister’s office said he had nothing to add to the story.
Harper’s son, Ben, is a student at a downtown Ottawa high school.
The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19.
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