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Friday, April 18, 2014

In Video - The Drunken jiu jitsu expert takes break from car chase to grapple with cop

New Mexico State Police have released dashcam video showing a high speed car chase interspersed with footage of the suspect attacking a police officer using martial arts, before getting in his car again and driving off.
By Tom Boggioni
The video, from KRQE, shows Shae Russell Nakai Blair, 27, pulling over after having been chased at speeds up to 93 miles per hour, assaulting the officer before the two tumble out of view of the camera.
According to police, officer Todd Sibley began chasing Blair after clocking his black BMW going 93 miles-per-hour, weaving in and out of traffic, forcing motorists off the road.
After approximately fifteen minutes, Blair pulls over and exits his car. As officer Sibley, with gun drawn, attempts to handcuff him, Blair grabs the policeman and the two tumble to the ground.
According to Sibley, Blair held his head to the ground telling him, “If you want to grapple, I know jiu-jitsu.” Sibley added that he could smell alcohol on Blair’s breath.
After releasing Sibley, Blair walked back to the road with the officer only to jump back into his car and take off again.
Minutes later Blair can be seen pulling over and running into the underbrush. State Police later found Blair hiding under a tree and he was arrested.
Police state that Blair has several outstanding warrants including one for identity theft, fraud and forgery. He now faces charges of battery of a peace officer, DWI, speeding, and resisting arrest, among others.
See video below from KRQE
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