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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Oshawa boy, 8, makes heroic 911 call for collapsed dad

OSHAWA, Ont. -- Benjamin Caprio was playing the video game Skylanders in his home living room when he heard a thud in the kitchen.
It was the sound of the eight-year-old's father, Tony, hitting the floor in the middle of a severe seizure.
The quick-thinking Grade 3 student didn't waste any time in following the instructions his mother Lori had drilled into him for the past two years.
He immediately dialled 911.
"My dad is having a seizure," he told the operator.
Tony Caprio, 52, was cooking meat sauce to go with spaghetti around 6 p.m. Sunday when he felt dizzy.
He stepped backwards, wary of falling on a hot stove.
That's the last thing he remembers before partially awakening in an ambulance, he said.
In the hospital, "I had no idea where I was, what I was doing," Caprio said Monday.
He said he has epilepsy and a heart condition, but has never suffered this kind of seizure before.
He and his son were home alone - with Lori at work - when he collapsed, legs shaking, and turned "combative," according to Durham police.
"Apparently I was really violent and that's not my nature," Caprio said. "I'm bruised all over."
Benjamin asked 911 for an ambulance and stayed on the phone until it arrived.
He could hear his father make a "crying" noise while on the floor.
"I was feeling, like, panicky, because my mom wasn't in the house and I know what she told me, to call 911, you don't have to be afraid," he said.
Sgt. Bill Calder said Benjamin gave "clear direction" over the phone.
"Without immediate medical attention, I don't know what the result of this incident would've been," he said.
"What I saw from the call was that he was able to confirm that the door was open, everything was ready to go, what his dad was doing at that time, he was basically giving updates," Calder added.
Caprio was discharged from hospital just after midnight the same day. He said his doctor has referred him to a neurologist.
Dressed in a green shirt that Benjamin decorated for him on Father's Day last year, the beaming father of one said he was "really proud."
"No one can ask for a better son," he said.

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