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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Outrageous Fortune For Few Canadians As Inequality And Poverty Gets Worse in Canada

86 Wealthiest Canadian Residents held the same 

amount of wealth in 2012 as the bottom 11.4 million 

Canadians combined!

This report examines the details of Statistics Canada's wealth survey and finds that wealth inequality trends have quietly gone unnoticed—and in fact, Canada's wealth gap is bigger than its income gap. The report also provides an analysis of the 86 wealthiest Canadian residents, finding that they held the same amount of wealth in 2012 as the bottom 11.4 million Canadians combined. The paper concludes by examining a few options to help narrow Canada’s wealth gap, including reforms to capital gains tax and a higher inclusion rate/higher income taxes at the top of Canada’s income spectrum. -

Outrageous Fortune: Documenting Canada's wealth gap

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