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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Security video shows 3 men entering house where woman killed

NEWMARKET, Ontario. -- Shadowy dark figures of three men can be seen entering Hann Pan's Markham, Ont., home on a surveillance video played to a murder trial jury Monday.
On any other day, it might look like friendly visitors -- but on this night, the men were armed and ready to kill, the Crown said.
Moments before they entered, a light in a study upstairs flicked on and off.
It is the Crown's theory that Jennifer Pan flicked on that light as a signal and unlocked the door for the men she hired to execute her parents in order to secure an inheritance.
Pan, 27, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the killing of her mother, Bich Pan, 53, and to the attempted murder of her father, Hann Pan, 60.
Bich Pan was executed with three bullets to her head and back, and the accused woman's father survived after being shot in the face and back.
For the full day, Hann Pan was under the microscope as he testified about the events on Nov. 8, 2010.
That night he woke up with a gun to his face by a man who ordered him downstairs with his wife, Pan testified.
The witness told court he saw his daughter in the hallway, whispering softly to one of the armed men and she was not tied up.
"I suggest to you, sir, that her hands were tied behind her back," said Jennifer Pan's defence lawyer, Paul Cooper.
"No," answered Pan.
While he and his wife were held at gunpoint, he saw his daughter again with the same armed man, he said.
"I saw her. Her face looked very, very sad," Pan said. "I think the other person was trying to calm her down."
Cooper noted Pan's observations didn't match with what he told police when he came out of coma days after the shooting -- that he believed his daughter had been a hostage.
"I love her," he answered. "How could I say a bad thing about her?"
Pan told the jury how he escaped Vietnam as a political refugee to come to Canada to find a life of freedom.
He worked long, hard hours of overtime as a tool and die maker to provide the best for his daughter and his son, who is now a mechanical engineer.
He said he was devastated when he learned his daughter had been lying to him for four years, claiming she was studying at university and had graduated as a pharmacist -- but was secretly living in Ajax. Ont., with co-accused Daniel Wong, whom her father did not approve of.
The trial continues.
Tracy McLaughlin | QMI AGENCY
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