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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Watch Live Fort Hood UNDER LOCK DOWN While The Hunt Is On Looking For Shooter

At least one person has been killed in a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, KWTX-TV reports. Police are reportedly searching two possible shooters.
There have been reports that as many as eight people have been injured, but the Bell County Sheriff’s Office told Sources that four people have been injured at Fort Hood and there is an active shooter situation.
Following reports of a shooting at the Fort Hood, the Army base issued an order Wednesday for everyone on site to “shelter in place.” The alert was issued on the base’s Twitter and Facebook pages.
“Injuries are being reported. Be AWARE!! If you are in the Ft. Hood Post area there is an on-going active shooter,” the Waco Police Department tweeted on Wednesday.
The 1st Calvary Division, which is based at Fort Hood, sent a Twitter alert telling people on base to close doors and stay away from windows.
There were unconfirmed reports of multiple injuries from a possible shooting at Fort Hood, according to KCEN-TV.
The suspect was believed to still be at large Wednesday afternoon.
Watch live coverage from KCEN-TV: - KCEN HD - Waco, Temple, and Killeen
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