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Monday, April 07, 2014

Wynne refuses to release details of libel notice against Hudak

TORONTO (Canadian Press) – Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office refuses to release a notice of libel they say was sent to Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak on Friday night.
Wynne wants Hudak to retract his statement that she possibly oversaw the wiping of computer hard drives in the premier’s office last year, something detectives from the Ontario Provincial Police anti-rackets squad are investigating.
However, Wynne’s press secretary, Zita Astravas, says they will not make the libel notice public, which Hudak’s office says is up to the Liberals to release.

Hudak says he’s only doing his job as opposition leader by asking questions about the Liberals’ attempts to hide documents on the cancellation of two gas plants prior to the 2011 election at a cost of $1.1 billion.
Hudak says the Tories won’t be intimidated by what he calls angry letters from the premier’s lawyers.
During a campaign-style speech this morning, Wynne warned the Tories would fire nurses and teachers if they get elected, and said she couldn’t say what the NDP would do because they haven’t taken a position on anything.
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