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Thursday, May 08, 2014

One employee injured after explosion at Brampton propane plant

WATCH: Brampton Fire Chief Andy McDonald provides an update on the gas explosion at a Brampton propane plant on May 8, 2014.
TORONTO Global News– An employee was injured after several propane cylinders exploded at a Brampton facility Wednesday night.
The incident happened around 9:30 p.m. at the Air Liquide Canada plant on Steeles Ave. E. just east of Dixie Rd.
The explosions sent fireballs into the night sky.

Officials say the two-alarm blaze started after the worker was filling a propane tank which somehow ignited.
“The fire then spread to the filling station itself and to some of the filled propane tanks, 100 pound tanks that were surrounding the filling station,” said Brampton Fire Chief Andy McDonald.
“That was the cause of several explosions.”
A building in the area was evacuated and all trains on the CN Rail tracks have been halted.
Steeles Ave. E. from Dixie Rd. to Bramalea Rd. is currently closed.
The injured employee sustained facial burns and was taken to hospital.

Crews managed to contain the fire early Thursday morning and prevented further explosions.
“Our key concern was a 30,000 gallon propane tank that was filling the propane station,” said Chief McDonald.
“We worked very well with the cooperation of plant staff and management who arrive on the scene very quickly to help us determine exactly what we had.”
“They were also able to help us determine where the external shutoff for the gas.”
The fire marshal’s office has been brought in to investigate the exact cause, as well as the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.
Fire officials say they are not concerned about the air quality caused by the explosions.
“As the propane vents, it burns and it burns very cleanly,” Chief McDonald explained.
“It’s the same with the water runoff. We put several thousands litres of water a minute onto the fire. The runoff itself is virtually water.”
“There’s no residue from the leaking propane because it burns cleanly.”
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