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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Embrace equal shared parenting across Ontario & Canada

It is not a surprise that Bill C-560, the equal shared parenting bill, has been introduced for debate in Parliament.
Taxpayers are on the hook after a marathon 154-day trial in London, Ontario ordered the London-Middlesex Children's Aid Society to pay costs of $1.4 million, revealing that the children's aid and other women's activist groups were guilty of painting a negative stereotype of fathers in order to assist mothers in custody litigation.
With a direct line to taxpayers money in cases like this, the Canadian Bar Association has of course voiced opposition to the equal shared parenting bill. Lawyers stand to gain work from the current, more litigious way of dealing with divorce, which has sadly made the term "custody battle" a norm in Canadian society.
In an era where gender roles are converging, and there is an ongoing fight to break down the assignment of roles in the home and workplace, why are we so protective over the assignment of the role of primary caregiver?
Social science research is quite clear that children of divorce benefit from having two primary parent relationships.
It is time for Canada to join other forward-thinking nations and embrace equal shared parenting. It is time we put children before money.
Alan Dyck

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